2016.2 | Apartment | 東京都目黒区 Tokyo
FARE祐天寺|FARE Yu-tenji


This is a light-weight steel structure terraced house built on a long site extending in the north-south direction. The form of the terraced house brings forward the appeal of the steel-frame construction inside. According to legal constraints, it's necessary to cover the structure with fire proof material (plaster boards), but as a substitute it was possible to use galvanised steel plate for the requested dwelling unit division.
 The galvanised steel plate, while regarded as a material of lightweight steel construction, was also used as a raw material for reinforced concrete structure to create fair-face concrete. It was used for a staircase room and a small entrance to an atrium.
 Each room of the dwelling was finished with this new building material. Connected by a staircase room which was 「finished with gaps」, it became a spatial experience unique to the light-weight steel structure. In a simple system, the design is a combination of diverse dwelling units meeting a broad range of tenants, with multiple dwellings sharing one staircase room.
 While stacking the staircase rooms on top of each other maximises the optimisation of the measurements, in the terraced house it gave an element which brought out the appeal of the light-weight steel structure, while the staircase design also seemed more optimised.


長屋|Terraced House

敷地面積|Total Area
220.93 ㎡

建築面積|Building Area
118.42 ㎡

延床面積|Total Floor Area
329.16 ㎡


伊藤 博之、渡邉 聡子、古川 涼|Hiroyuki Ito, Satoko Watanabe, Ryo Furukawa

構造|Structural Engineer


吉田 誠|M. Yoshida